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Train Your Pulse

Gym Classes Booking Application

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Product Design, Branding

🎉 App achieved #39 in the App Store used every 37 seconds by a person.
The product idea was to make easy for the users to find and schedule gym classes on the gym they are subscribed. The scope was to deliver a user experience that would bring gym subscription members more close to the gym facilities. Partially that would mean to encourage them to use those facilities more.
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Design Discovery

The idea to deliver a fitness app is a thing that always fascinates me.
The design brief involved a gym booking app.  I had to design a daily schedule for each gym and book a class with a trainer.
I started the discovery phase by understanding the audiences that are into play and the revenue stream of the product. Understanding the revenue stream is a very important step, many times missed as I have observed, from many designers. Successful products become successful not only by satisfying the user needs but also by understanding the relationships between the various audiences of the app.
Understanding the revenue stream is a very important step, many times missed as I have observed, from many designers.
We were aligned that we wanted to deliver a user experience that would bring the gym members closer to the gym, encouraging them to use the subscription services as much as possible, thus, delivering customer retention for the gym owners, the most important KPI in increasing the product's revenues
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UX Research

Like Design Sprint's book states some of my most successful designs are made when I am pressed hard on the time frame.
I started by designing the happy path and built it from there, I redesigned the whole UX of the product weeks before launch.
I conducted a remote UX workshop with the stakeholders to create user Personas from clients to gym owners that made sense, and increase my empathy for their frustrations and pains.

IA and User Flows

My initial approach was designed using Procreate on iPad.
The core need I targeted was to deliver a great user experience when the gym member wanted to book a training class.
I imagined an attractive athletic, Nike-inspired, calendar even when I was designing the wireframes.
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UI Design

I knew that the Condensed Bold Futura typeface will add a sense of motion and dynamism. I went with FUTURA BOLD CONDENSED.
I invested in bold typography and designed a system of images with an overlay that fit the overall design to add consistency across different sports. I also included a dark and light theme because we wanted a modern app, that inspired confidence and this feature was found to add an extra sense of differentiation.
Bold Typography with impressive photography and intuitive swiping interface.
Other design elements were removed to keep the calendar as the main prominent interaction with the app.
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The result was impressive. The users loved the intuitive interface and they sent comments on how to better improve it. The mobile app remains today a critical success factor for a gym to adopt the Train Your Pulse solution. The App was a blast hitting #39 in the App Store.
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List of deliverables

  • Workshops and stakeholder alignment
  • User research and persona creation
  • Product design mobile
  • In-place gym solutions for gym entrance control
  • Extensive prototyping
  • Developing and maintaining living style guide
  • Product Website / Branding Guidelines

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