Investment Platform

Investment Platform


Investment platform web app used by investment company agents and clients.

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A full-blown financial investment platform of a renowned Mutual Funds Agency (NDA Protected), used by board members, employees, agents, and clients.
By designing this product I helped the client streamline many of its processes.
Use case examples include MF registration & transaction flows, administration, notifications, alerts, reports, and audit trails.
The design effort was intensified by the participation of various stakeholders holding different agendas. The client's product team was not technology oriented so time was spent on multiple UX and alignment workshops with cross functional teams.
My responsibilities included :
  • Conduct the business analysis, acting as a consultant
  • Transform the business requirements to user flows and ultimately to detailed UX wireframes and interactive elements.
  • Design with the client a vision and roadmap for the product's future phases.
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Direct Contributions

  1. Starting with a high level information architecture enabled me to identify flows and microflows as well as to shape a high level mapping of everything. Using that way the product could be better manageable and we could add down the road features and flows in appropriate sections.
  1. I acted as a UX team of one, spending time inside the clients headquarters and organizing scoping meetings with the sales team. This team - identified also as a proto-persona- shared very important insights on how "the mutual funds job is made".
  1. I use the workshops mainly for two reasons. The first was to scope and identify the business needs that I should transform in proper information flows inside the platform. I verified the outccomes of the research by two ways
    1. I was sketching the information flow and user flows that satisfied each need. I shared this with the participants (usually through figma) and aligned the teams on our conclusions.
    2. With everyone aligned I designed the wireframes for each flow.
  1. The fact that many different type of users with different needs would use this platform, meant that application flows and information heavy dashboards should be combined modular to deliver a unified experience. I needed to take into account on the design that some elements would not be present on all occasions but still I had to design them accordingly.
  1. I used the wireframes to align also the ui team, the front development team and back end. I conducted regular checks with those team to make sure that everything was aligned by design so that the development process would be as much streamlined as possible.
  1. My precious financial experience helped me to understand and weight financial terms and definitions and save a lot of time on regulatory issues that usually are in play in financial products.
Samples of user flows and user access rights affecting the search filters
Samples of user flows and user access rights affecting the search filters
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Design Rationale

Research and findings

The rationale was based on large mutual fund asset management agencies. The people using the application were people that had low, if not zero, it experience. In most cases are Mutual funds agents, experts in analysis and communication so the design should support them as they were with a client discussing about the future of investment.
In that way the design should be minimal, clean, simple and with appropriate explanatory copy to guide them.
Various flows (like the "choreography" of opening a new client) had to take into account that the users of the product at the same time were serving a client. In that way the design should be supportive on that.
Accessibility issues and a clean font with a large x-height were things that I also had a say in
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  • The whole process of designing this product also helped the client streamline many of the processes.
  • As a side achievement I was informed that through the workshops and the whole digital transformation the communication between the departments has been considerably improved. This results to even better company results and decision making.
  • The whole work inside the client has become more streamlined, lean and comprehensive. This is especially important for new agents and employees who can become onboard with the processes/flows by following the platform flows and tips.
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List of deliverables

  • Workshops and stakeholder alignment
  • User research and persona creation
  • Business Analysis of the product
  • Alignment of cross functional teams
  • Extensive wireframe prototyping and user flows
  • UI Design guidelines & supervision

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