Come Together Network

Come Together Network

Blockchain Ticketing Application

UI/UX Design

ComeTogether’s astonishing solution gives control of the entire ticket lifecycle to event organizers, fighting ticket scalping using blockchain under the hood of a simple and sexy user experience.
On top of that users are able to resell their tickets to other users in a ticket marketplace inside the app with event organizers receiving transaction fees from users. The transactions are secured using Blackchain protocol.

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Design Discovery

Cometogether's idea is brilliant. Fighting the ticket scalping with Blockchain was a great idea to begin with! We all agreed that the product should be differentiated with strong UX skills to simplify the ticketing experience. A great user experience can differentiate a product from already established market leaders.
“How do you build a great experience when designing a ticket buying application?” “How you can fight ticket scalping with blockchain and still provide usable and meaningful experience to the users?”
On top of that users should be able to resell their tickets to other users. Those users should be able to find their best price across multiple ticket offerings.
Finally, event organizers should receive transaction fees from users who resold their tickets and everything should be made in a clear, intuitive way under the blockchain protocol.
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UX Research

UX research included these main tasks:
  • Identifying competitors and reviewing their solultions and UX flows
  • Interviews with users and identification of main audiences
  • Understanding the ticket lifecycle
  • Familiarity with the blockchain ecosystem and how can be delivered seamlessly to users.
  • Segmenting needs and delivering proto-personas
Focusing on the last part, designing and delivering user personas. We decided to focus on the needs of four main user types segments who could potentially interact with the App.
We decided to focus on the needs of four main user types segments who could potentially interact with the App.
The four main proto-personas in which we concluded:
  • Providers
  • Event Attendees,
  • Artists.
  • Creators
After research and multiple user interviews I organized a workshop with the stakeholders to align the team about the main needs, frustrations, and behaviors of our users.
The users should feel safe and trust the system despite their concerns about Blockchain versus traditional ticketing systems. They also needed to find matching events fast and easily. The event organizers should connect with proper event providers and venues. They wanted to complete venue booking from inside the app.
These are some of the facts that shaped the development of Proto - Personas
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Affinity mapping exhibited that the worst moment for the overall journey is when the client pays for the ticket so we had to provide an experience like being part of a community, an event which is happening while he buys the ticket
We identified at least these different types of events
  • Music events
  • Blockchain events
  • Sporting events
  • Community events
  • Culture – art, dance, museum, specific exhibitions
  • Business events
That could translate to different experiences and screens. What we found was that a Music/ Concert Event meant different to its users in the buying process. This part of the research based on the initial prototype gave a lot of data and was truly inspiring.

IA and User Flows

Data showed that the app should be attractive to Gen Y and Millennials as primary audiences. Based on the existing branding guidelines I designed the corresponding iconography for the needs of the mobile.
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UI Design

The platform should serve a sense of differentiation but still remain simple and intuitive when selling tickets. Also, we identified that each persona needed a different environment.
From a user perspective, the ticket buying process is integral part of the overall event experience.
The team wanted to transmit a feeling of belonging, party, and get together, attracted to Millenials. Based on the existing branding guidelines I designed the corresponding iconography for the needs of the mobile.
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Stakeholder's feedback

I had the pleasure to work with Konstantinos during the design of our first ComeTogether UX. He is a very talented and experienced UX designer and an excellent professional! He is always up to date with the state of the art when it comes to UX, has empathy for the users, along with great aesthetics. Thank you Kosta, looking forward to our next project!


List of deliverables

  • Workshops and stakeholder alignment
  • User research and persona creation
  • Product design mobile
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Developing and maintaining Design Guide

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